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Why learn to drive a Manual Transmission.

Nowadays, Automatic cars override those with manual transmission. And the art of driving with a stick shift becomes rarer and rarer each passing day. Today drivers are said to be divided into two categories, those who can drive with Manual transmission and those who cannot.
If you’re going to ask anyone else, maybe they’ll say it’s a generation thing; because automatic cars are what are in today and they are easier to drive than manual transmission cars. Those who can drive manual cars today are rather described as skilled.
Driving a car with a manual transmission and a stick shift as a partner is a good skill to have. It may give you that second language in cars that you may use in some situations like when you’re stuck in nowhere and someone may need the help of someone who can drive manual cars. Well, you may say that’s unlikely to happen, but it could happen, right? Well, aside from that, there are also sexy cars that are available with only manual transmission. Without learning how to drive cars with stick shift, how can you possibly attain these sexy cars right?
For collectors, driving a manual transmission car is also important as many collectible and vintage cars are available only with a stick shift. Also, especially that nowadays, people are more inclined to buying automatic cars, sellers tend to have a hard time selling good cars with manual transmission. Depending on the car, you may get one in an unexpectedly low price with just the right negotiations.
Also, manual transmission may give you a connection to your car unlike other automatic cars. Though automatic cars have that climate control and automatic cruise control, some say that driving your cars manually give you that excitement and adventure of fully controlling your car, whilst in automatic car, you may not even feel you’re actually driving.
Knowing how to drive a manual transmission car can be an extremely huge asset. Though it’s harder to learn than driving an automatic car, it is always better to have more skills. You can’t always be certain as to when you’ll need it right?

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