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Avoiding Manual transmission Repairs

Today, cars often come with different transmission ? Automatic or Manual transmission. Unlike back then, cars only have the stick shift from the manual transmission and this shows the development that happened inside the car industry.
Before Automatic transmission became common, Manual Transmissions where the only option available for drivers. But today, due to the production of automatic cars, the ability to drive manual transmission cars is now becoming a dying art. According to Ward’s Communications, in 1985, 22.4% of all vehicles sold in the United States came with a manual transmission. By 2007, the number had plummeted to 7.7%! Our guess is that the number will keep going down.
Driving a manual Transmission will surely require focus and attentiveness from a driver as they will have to change the gears of their cars by themselves. The few drivers who choose to drive cars with manual transmission do it for the adventure of controlling the car as a whole and for the core reason that shifting gears is fun.
Though Automatic transmission repairs are more expensive than repairing manual transmissions, it will still be better to avoid any repairs and problems that may require you to pay. First of all avoid downshifting of your brakes as this puts a lot of unnecessary stress to your manual transmission. Aside from this your pace will get slower and your engine may roar louder. This may result in your manual transmission wearing out faster than your breaking pads.
Also remember to release your stick shift whenever you change gears. This application of pressure to the clutch or clutch pedal continuously and repeatedly may also wear out your manual transmission prematurely.
Also, you should always stay calm and shift correctly. If you are going forward, the absolute worst thing you could do is shift into reverse. Next to that is shifting in a “lazy way” without using the clutch properly. If you attempt this, you will hear a nasty grinding noise. A car should be one with you so don’t work against it, rather work with it.
Understanding some of these facts may help you avoid costly and unnecessary repairs. Though it may still happen in time, it may help you limit those repairs and payments, keeping your car and its manual transmission always at its utmost performance.

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