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Why Manual Transmission?

Today, rapid increase of demands or usage of cars with automatic transmission is overtaking that of the traditional manual transmission. With the reason of manual being a hassle or the automatic making driving much easier for them, well, if you tell that to die-hard enthusiasts, then you’ll get a big slap and a big “No-No”. If you’re planning to have a car and considering manual transmission, then here are some few key reasons.
Automatics becoming more advanced than ever at a rapid rate, manual transmission still has its benefit of “Full-control”. If you ever want to learn driving at the greatest, then manual transmission is for you. The adventure and task a driver does with a manual sometimes is its motivation in driving. Enthusiasts consider this to be more fun than Automatics.
Also, Manual Transmission cars are much more affordable than any other automatic cars. They cost thousands lot cheaper than automatics, from actually buying one to getting one fixed. In a Manual Car, problems with the clutch can be resolved with just a new clutch, but in an Automatic Car, when a something is damaged, the whole system will be replaced and will rip more money from the owner.
It is also recorded that not many Manual Transmission Cars are stolen with the reason of the thief not being able to drive a Manual Car. Let’s face it, today people learn to drive Automatic Cars because it’s easier and ignore the fact of learning how to drive a Manual Car.
In its downside, Manual Transmission are sometimes only with basic trim package. You need to upgrade it to automatic transmission if you want a luxurious experience inside your car. If you can’t sacrifice that feeling of luxury, then this is definitely a disadvantage for you.
Automatic Transmission or Manual Transmission. A big question to all those who are considering to buy a car. But if you want that total experience of driving a car and save money at the same time, then no words are needed, pick a Manual Car, learn it and experience an adventure with full control in your car.

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