Different Culture's Behavior Patterns in Metropolitan Areas

Manual Transmission Dubai Experience

I have become aware about manual transmissions “correct” usage when I went to the city of Dubai three years ago. When I got hired from my second job as a Sales and Marketing Representative one of the requirements in my new job is to get a Dubai driving license in order for me to legally drive and go anywhere in Dubai to introduce and sell our products to clients. So there is one ecommerce site in Dubai which offers big discounts for one of the driving schools there. The offer got my attention because they only offer around 500 to 550 Dirhams for 20 driving classes, that is great I said to myself, well I’ve been driving since age 15 and I got my student driving license when I was 18 years old back in my home county and since I am well-experienced driver and so I am confident that I can just pass the driving test easily that is why I applied for a manual transmission license in order for me to drive both manual and automatic transmission car. So there goes my Indian instructor gave me some instructions on how to basically drive manual transmission cars though of course I told him that I am already an experienced driver and explained to him that I just need to get a Dubai driving license in order for me to drive in Dubai. He gave me the wheel and we drove around the school in the process, I have realized that even I am already an experienced driver, there are some things that I still need to learn like the correct timing on when to change gears, proper clutch usage etc. and etc. Dubai just like other well-developed countries has a very high standard for driving, though there are many reported vehicle accidents on its major highways that happened in freeways like the Emirates road. Driving a Manual transmission car is the only way to experience “real” driving while Automatic transmission vehicles are simply “stop” and “go” buttons much like a video game console it’s too boring for me.

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